The wonders of Tuscany at the centre of the new campaign on Italian beauty

The archaeological site of Roselle and the Villa Medicea of Poggio a Caiano in spectacular drone videos

Thirty breathtaking flights over Italian archaeology and beauty, from north to south. From the best known and most visited places of cultural heritage to lesser-known ones. It is the new campaign of the Ministry of Culture (MiC): a spectacular journey through archaeological sites, villas and monumental complexes. Thanks to the new generation of drones, which are small and light, it is in fact possible to fly over Italy’s beauty and capture previously unseen details.

There is also Tuscany among the thirty locations featured in the promotion campaign. Two unique flights: the ancient Etruscan and then Roman city of Roselle near Grosseto, the second one dedicated to the Villa Medicea of Poggio a Caiano near Prato, one of the the most famous Medici villas.


Poggio a Caiano

The project is realised by the MiC Press Office in cooperation with the Museums Directorate and directed by Nils Astrologo, a young video artist who has filmed Italy with new-generation drones, which are well suited to documenting cultural heritage in compliance with heritage and environmental protection regulations.

All campaign videos are available at the following link: