Tuscany at Venice International Film Festival with Caveman

Caveman_by Tommaso Landucci

The documentary is supported by Toscana Film Commission

By the tuscan director Tommaso Landucci , the Italian documentary Caveman. The hidden giant is being screened these days at the Giornate degli Autori, the parallel section of the 78th Venice Film Festival.

Caveman – The Hidden Giant is a tribute to an exceptional artist and a complex human being, the florentine sculptor Filippo Dobrilla. The story of a man whose mystery will be preserved at the bottom of a dark cave.

The documentary was shot in 2018 and in 2019 near Lucca, in the cave of the Saragato Abyss.

The sleeping Giant

In a cave in the Apuan Alps, 650 meters below ground, one of the most intriguing and ambitious works by sculptor Filippo Dobrilla can be found: The Sleeping Giant. It’s a colossal reclining nude, slumbering in the recesses of the earth, and the artist worked on it for over thirty years, lowering himself into the darkness of the cave. What drives an artist to create a work that is virtually inaccessible, hidden from the human eye? This is the question that Caveman – The Hidden Giant attempts to answer, ranging from the lead character’s youthful loves to his desire to withdraw from the world and his conception of pure art. When Dobrilla immersed himself in the cave’s shadows, he sought refuge in the only place he felt free, sheltered from and far from prejudice and the pressure of modern society. The unexpected discovery that he had cancer would radically change his lifestyle.


The documentary is a Doc Lab Production (Italy) in co-production with Contrast Film Zurich. It is supported by the Toscana Film Commission’s Sensi Contemporanei per il Cinema programme.