Toscana Film Commission in the shortlist for The makers & shakers Awards!

The Winners will be revealed during a virtual ceremony on the 14th December 2020, (hosted on the FOCUS 2020 Digital Platform)

The makers & shakers Awards celebrate excellence in global production. The awards are brought to you by The Location Guide, makers  magazine and FOCUS.
The awards aim to recognise and honour ground-breaking ideas and initiatives from players across the spectrum of the global creative screen industry.
The Winners will be revealed during a virtual ceremony on the 14th December 2020, hosted on the FOCUS 2020 Digital Platform.
Toscana Film Commission has got two nominations: “Film commission Initiative of the year” and “Outstanding Creative Use of a Location”.
“Film commission Initiative of the year” for the project The Fabric Of Dreams: a Costume Design Master aimed at students and workers of the sector, alongside three great Costume Designers: Gabriella Pescucci, Carlo Poggioli and Alessandro Lai. The goal was to allow the participants to live a unique experience of learning and production at the highest level. The hours of theory were supplemented by a practical workshop in tailoring for the creation of a core of clothes inspired by the court of Cosimo I and Eleanor of Toledo. The initiative was devised, launched and implemented by Manifatture Digitali Cinema Prato.
“Outstanding Creative Use of a Location”: Simona Serafini, location manager for “My Brilliant Friend” shot in Pisa. The aim of the project was to recreate the period and the atmosphere of the writer’s story, after the transformation from novel to screenplay. The story takes place from the end of the sixties to the seventies, for the most part in the historic and university city of Pisa, where the protagonist goes to study. Since the first season was mainly shot near Naples in locations reconstructed with a particular style, the difficulty and the research was to create the same artistic environment in a true and very alive contemporary city. The style to be recreated had to be not only historically correct (a city in the late sixties) but also as fantastic and dreamy as history required. In fact, it was a question of transforming an urban environment of our days into an imagined place that would represent the theater of the protagonists’ lives.

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