The Innocents of Florence : the Kickstarter campaign

David Battistella, filmmaker of Florence, is looking for completion funding for his current film, The Innocents of Florence.

A 600 year old painting restored in Florence, Italy reveals the untold story of the city’s abandoned babies — and the women who saved them.

The topic
It’s 1410 and there is a huge social problem in Florence. Babies are being abandoned and dying at an alarming rate. To solve the problem Florence’s humanists organise and build a hospice for babies and young mothers. To celebrate the completion of the new building in 1446, they commission a painting to act as the poster, logo and standard for the new Institute.

The call
“There are scenes that need music and computer graphics to fill out the story. I’d like to share the completion process with you so you can see how much of an effect your funding has on helping me bring my film about this incredible hospice to a wide audience.”

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