Spin me round: the movie shot in Tuscany has been released in the USA


Jeff Baena’s new comedy, which premiered last March at the Southwest Film Festival in Texas, will be available soon on Mubi

Spin me round, this is the title of the movie directed by the American Jeff Baena and released on August 19 in US theatres.

Filming took place in June and July, 2021, for about four weeks, near Pisa, in San Giuliano Terme. Some scenes of the movie were also shot in Pistoia and Lucca. The movie, produced by the Duplass Brothers Productions, premiered in Texas (Austin) at the South by Southwest Film Festival. It will be released on Mubi in the coming weeks.

Jeff Baena and Tuscany

Jeff Baena is the writer, producer and director of the indie films The Little Hours, Life After Beth, Horse Girl and Joshy, he also co-wrote I Heart Huckabees with David O Russell and created the series Cinema Toast with Duplass Brothers Productions for Showtime.

The screenplay is written by Baena and the actress Alison Brie. The film represents their return to Tuscany, where Baena and Brie made in 2017, “The Little Hours”, partly shot in Garfagnana (Lucca).

A journey of discovery through Italy

Spin Me Round tells the story of a manager of an Italian restaurant chain, Amber (Alison Brie), who gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in a training programme in the Belpaese. Once in Italy, she meets a charming manager, Nick Martucci (Alessandro Nivola), who she believes could be her prince charming, and his assistant Kat (Aubrey Plaza). She soon realises, however, that all that glitters is not gold and finds herself embroiled in a reckless adventure full of dangers and mysteries through Italy.

The soundtrack by Pino Donaggio

The film surprises with its  score by Pino Donaggio, the Italian composer best known for his collaborations with Brian De Palma on films including “Carrie,” “Dressed to Kill” and “Body Double.” Baena has always been a huge fan of Donaggio’s work, so he figured it was worth asking. When it turned out Donaggio was interested, Baena, Brie and Plaza drove to Venice after they finished shooting to meet the composer.