Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival 2019

Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival is a project that promotes the collaboration between contemporary art and cinema through short films, videos and installations in addition to training projects and residencies for international artists and their works.

Schermo dell’Arte is a modern project looking to further opportunities for international artists. The festival is a way to support artists and the appreciation of art in Florence, allowing the public to experience with them contemporary visual art through film. This will be the 12th year of the cinematic event. Screenings will be held at Florence’s Cinema La Compagnia from  November 13 to 17.

The main program will open with a film by Philippe Parreno “No More Reality Whereabouts” that incorporates excerpts of his past videos re-edited to create both a new piece and a retrospective in one. The artist will be present for the screening on November 13 at 6 pm at the Cinema La Compagnia.

This edition of retrospective section of Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival is dedicated to British artist Jeremy Deller. His work explores themes of pop and folk culture through video, installation and performance, and he critiques the social structures of contemporary society through his narrative. His new film “Putin’s Happy” is about the division that Brexit has caused among the British, and the artist will be present for the presentation at 5:30 pm on November 15 at Cinema La Compagnia.

The festival also includes initiatives to assist visual artists dedicated to the vision and themes of their research. One of these projects is VISIO, a workshop for 12 European artists under 35 selected in collaboration with important European art academies and schools.

For the complete program, visit the website.