Rosaline: filming in
San Gimignano for the new Disney movie

San Gimignano_Rosaline

In these days the filming is taking place  in the Tuscan village with beautiful Renaissance settings

Rosaline, an American production by Disney and 20th Century Studios, is filming in Tuscany, in San Gimignano. Directed by Karen Maine, the film is the reimagining of Romeo and Juliet and is based on the novel I, Romeo and Juliet by Rebecca Serle, which sets the well-known events of Shakespeare’s tragedy in contemporary times. Unlike the book, the film is set in the Renaissance.

The reimagining of Romeo and Juliet

The title of the film is inspired by the character of Rosaline, Juliet’s cousin, who will be played by Kaitlyn Dever, an intelligent, idealistic girl and Romeo’s ex, who after trying to separate the two famous lovers, will go on a journey of maturation to then try to bring them together. In the cast also Sean Tale, Isabela Merced e Kyle Allen.

The production, after months of preparation, has chosen the village of San Gimignano to shoot some scenes. The filming is taking place in Piazza della Cisterna, where a spectacular fountain has been reconstructed in the center of the square for the film.

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