Rome Film Fest unveils 2020 line-up: numerous Italian debuts and guests

The closing film is Francesco Bruni’s autobiographical comedy Cosa sarà. The film has been shot partially in Livorno

4 participating countries, 24 features and documentaries in the Official Selection, 2 co-productions with Alice nella città, 5 films in the “Everybody’s talking about it” section, 5 special events, 14 Close Encounters, 7 duels, 9 Loyalty/Betrayals, 5 pre-openings, 2 restorations, 5 homages, 1 retrospective including 15 titles, 7 Reflections, 7 films of our life, 5 socially- and environmentally-committed events, 16 events of other kind. These are the numbers of the 15th edition of the Rome Film Fest (October 15-25). “Many Italian films are debuts, and I’m very proud of it,” says artistic director Antonio Monda.

The selection include the collective film by Gabriele Salvatores, Fuori era primavera – Viaggio nell’Italia del lockdown [lit. It was spring outside – Journey through Italy during the lockdown], an intimate depiction of the wonderful empty squares and the heroes in the hospital’s wards, people celebrating on their balconies and the practice of home film shooting. Giulio Base presents Sotto il cielo di Roma [lit. Under the Roman sky] on the raid of Rome’s Jewish ghetto during the war, while Steve Della Casa and Caterina Taricano screen Siamo in un film di Alberto Sordi? [lit. Are we in an Alberto Sordi’s film?], a film that discusses the iconic actor’s relationship with music through the words of Giuliano Montaldo, Nicola Piovani, Ascanio Celestini, Vincenzo Mollica, and Riccardo Rossi.

In the Official Selection, besides established auteurs – Lucas Belvaux, Naomi Kawase, Thomas Vinterberg, François Ozon, Fernando Trueba, Steve McQueen – Nicolangelo Gelormini’s Fortuna, starring Valeria Golino and Pina Turco, telling the story of Nancy, a shy little girl supervised by an analyst due to her inability of adapting to the world around her; and Alessandro Tonda’s Italo-Belgian coproduction The Shift starring Clotilde Hesme, story of two young terrorists who break into a school in Brussels to start a massacre. The “Reflections” section include The Eumenides by the young Gipo Fasano, adapting the third tragedy of the Oresteia to the high-bourgeoise context of Rome’s Parioli neighborhood; Elisa Amoroso’s feature debut Sirley starring Micaela Ramazzotti and Giampaolo Morelli, a tale of desire shaping and turning childhood into adolescence; and Anita Rivaroli’s We Are the Thousand chronicling the reunion of over 1000 musicians who, in 2015, sent a video message to the Foo Fighters by playing their Learn to Fly.

Pre-openings include Otto Rubino by Fabrizio Fichera, Terrestre by Gianluca Girasola, Disco Ruin by Lisa Bosi and Francesca Zerbetto, Era la più bella di noi by Alexandra Celi and L’amore non si sa by Marcello Di Noto. The tribute to Federico Fellini includes two films: the short film La Fellinette by the great master’s nephew Francesca Fellini, and Silvia Giulietti’s Fellinopolis taking us to through the Cinecittà studios, populated by his characters and collaborators (Lina Wertmuller, Dante Ferretti, Nicola Piovani, Maurizio Millenotti). Among the hotly-anticipated titles, Alex Infascelli’s film on soccer player Francesco Totti. Restorations include Padre padrone by the Taviani brothers, and Pietro Germi’s In nome della legge.

The opening film is Soul, the new Disney-Pixar film by Oscar winner Pete Docter, who is also the recipient of a lifetime achievement award. The closing film is Francesco Bruni’s autobiographical comedy Cosa sarà starring Kim Rossi Stuart as an alter ego of the director. The special events include Evgeny Afineevsky’s documentary of Pope Bergoglio Francesco; Matteo Rovere’s series Romulus, a spin-off of his The First King; Fabrizio Corallo’s Vera & Giuliano, a documentary on filmmaker couple Giuliano Montaldo and Vera Pescarolo; Mimmo Verdesca’s Alida as a tribute to the beauty and intelligence of Alida Valli through the words of her private diaries.

By: Cinecittà News