PINOCCHIO by Matteo Garrone: official trailer

On December 19 ‘Pinocchio’ by Matteo Garrone will be in cinemas.

Pinocchio is a 2019 Italian fantasy film co-written and directed by Matteo Garrone, based on the 1883 book The Adventures of Pinocchio by Italian author Carlo Collodi.

Filming began on 18 March 2019 for 11 weeks in Tuscany, Lazio and Apulia.

The film will be theatrically released in Italy on 19 of December 2019.

Starring Roberto Benigni, Federico Ielapi, Rocco Papaleo, Massimo Ceccherini, Marine Vacth and Gigi Proietti.


Support for Development of European Video Games 2020 – EACEA 19/2019

Under this support scheme, applicants may submit a proposal to develop a concept and project (activities to the point that the concept leads to a playable prototype or trial version) of highly innovative and creative narrative storytelling video games designed for commercial exploitation for PCs, consoles, mobile devices, tablets, smart phones and other technologies.

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