MIA DOC 2017: the programme

MIADOC’s programme is online! Check all our events and speakers in MIAMarket2017 website

MIA DOC (October, 19-22) annually chooses a specific topic for its Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum: a section that could be strategic for the economic development of Italian companies. After the success of Arts&Culture of the 2016 edition, MIA|DOC 2017 will focus on Current Affairs, Investigative Journalism and Human Interest.
Nine projects from Italian companies (one-off or serial) have been selected by MIA|DOC International Board to be presented to an international audience of excellence – commissioning editors, international distributors and foreign producers.
The nine selected titles will be presented during a public pitch session, which will be followed by a series of B2B meetings with Italian and international professionals of the audio-visual industry.

The Programme 2017