Final workshop in sight for the three final Biennale College – Cinema projects

The third workshop of the 6th edition of the initiative will be held in Venice from 11 to 15 January.

The final workshop of the 6th edition of Biennale College – Cinema will be held in Venice from 11 to 15 January 2018. The three projects chosen during the first workshop from the initial 12 selected from all over the world (coming from Canada, China, Colombia, Italy, Poland, Mexico, Spain, Turkey, Hungary, United States), have reached the final stage of the Venice Biennale initiative, which involves the creation of three micro-budget features, with a contribution of €150,000 for each project, which will then be presented at the 75th Venice Film Festival 2018.

The selected teams will work on the development of their films in close contact with industry professionals. For the 2017/2018 edition, two debut features and one second feature were chosen, coming from Italy, Turkey and Hungary.

The Ice Rift by the Italian director Margherita Ferri (debut feature) is set in a small mountain village, where everything stands still. 15-year-old Vanessa is tired of being considered the prettiest girl in town and finds a way to escape, or rather, her first love, Maia, a tomboy who fights on the hockey field in the same way that she fights her loneliness. The director will be in Venice with the producer Chiara Galloni.

Yuva (Home), the second feature by the Turkish Emre Yeksan (The Gulf, selected at Venice SIC 2017), tells the story of Veysel, a man who lives in the woods like an animal, whose solitary life is destroyed when the land he inhabits is sold. His obstinacy turns into a confrontation with his younger brother, Hasan, who arrives from the city to convince him to leave. The director will be joined by the producer Anna Maria Aslanoglu.

“Now we come to take you gently, throwing you into the fire” is the cryptic description for the debut feature, Deva Mall, by Hungarian Petra Szocs, who will be accompanied by the producer Péter Fülöp and the co-writer Gergő Nagy.