Casting call for the project Grand De-Tour

Fondazione Sistema Toscana within the scope of the “Tuscany Beautiful Everywhere” project is selecting two people for the cast of the audiovisual project “Grand De-Tour”, which will narrate the region through the amazed eyes of those who come from afar. Contrary to what occurred during the Grand Tour, which was fashionable among aristocrats in the 17th century, the Grand De-Tour touches on alternative destinations, places that are seemingly secondary but which nevertheless reveal unexpected surprises. In this epoch-making time of global tourism no place is yet unexplored, but we have all different reasons and ways of travelling. The film tour we are offering to viewers is different too. It goes in search of hidden treasures, untold stories at a human pace, so that every wonder can be experienced in full.



  • female
  • native English speakers
  • maximum age 30 years
  • education in the arts or humanities
  • outstanding communication skills
  • a penchant for art and Tuscany
  • ease and confidence in front of a video camera


  • Acting experience will be taken into consideration, though optional.

Candidates are asked to send their CVs with photo and presentation letter by 23:59 on Sunday 5 March 2017 to

Following a shortlist based on CVs and presentation letter, auditions will take place in Florence from 9 to 17 March. The pilot episode will be filmed in April. Participants will be required to commit to making another 9 episodes, which will be filmed by September 2017. The role will be remunerated.

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Applicants are encouraged to read FST Privacy Policy.