The Grand Tour of Italy : celebrate the past to define the future

The Grand Tour of Italy: one of the four episode was shot in Siena in 2016.

18th Century: Young, wealthy Europeans travel to Italy for their ‘Grand Tour’ to perfect their education.
21st Century: The ‘Grand Tour’ is back and Italy’s greatest treasures from the past and present are now accessible from anywhere.

“Travelling through the past and present to define our future.”
This is what Google wants to pass down with its project, broadcasted on Google Arts & Culture.


Start your trip from Siena.

IDFA Amsterdam
IDFA: International Documentary Film Festival

IDFA is organizing a large number of Talks to accompany its film program. These Talks are divided into three categories. Five Filmmaker Talks will discuss the filmmakers’ oeuvres, and 50 Doc Talks will present in-depth conversations with makers and a well-known moderator after the screenings.