The Grand Tour of Italy : celebrate the past to define the future

The Grand Tour of Italy: one of the four episode was shot in Siena in 2016.

18th Century: Young, wealthy Europeans travel to Italy for their ‘Grand Tour’ to perfect their education.
21st Century: The ‘Grand Tour’ is back and Italy’s greatest treasures from the past and present are now accessible from anywhere.

“Travelling through the past and present to define our future.”
This is what Google wants to pass down with its project, broadcasted on Google Arts & Culture.


Start your trip from Siena.

Solinas Experimenta Serie Award – 2nd edition

Rai Fiction and Solinas Prize launch the second edition of the Solinas Experimenta Serie Award. The contest invites authors (under 45) to exploit the creative and productive opportunities of digital technology in order to experiment new forms of serial story.